Hi there! I'm

Henrry Bourgeot, a Fullstack Developer based in Maracay, Venezuela

I've professional experience working with Svelte, Python, Go, and other languages and frameworks that you' wi'll find in the skills section.

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Todotech Store

Ecommerce with SSR and CRUD operations, has a admin dashboard.

  • Go
  • Postgres
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Go Karma Bot

Telegram Bot for add or substract karma, only works on groups.

  • Go
  • MySQL

Henrry Weather

Weather app built in Svelte consuming an Weather API from RapidAPI.

  • Svelte

Solid ToDo App

ToDo app maded with solidjs, the styles are the same like Vue todo app.

  • SolidJS

Soluciones HSL

API Project builded with Python, MySQL and Fast API, simulates project management.

  • Python
  • FastAPI
  • MySQL

Vue ToDo App

Vue App using the same style like solidjs todo.

  • VueJS


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap
  • Windi
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Svelte
  • Vue
  • Solid
  • NodeJS
  • C++
  • Go
  • Echo
  • Python
  • Flask
  • FastAPI
  • Java
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • SQL

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About me

I'm a twenty years old Venezuelan, I'm currently on my third year of System's Engineering major from the Polytechnic University Institute Santiago MariƱo. Also, I love teaching others about IT topics. I also enjoy playing videogames and time spending with my friends and family.

I've 1 year working as a FullStack Dev. in my current work, I use technologies as Svelte, Python, TypeScript and others. If you hire me, you'll get clean code and the best practices for make a clean and readable code. However, something that I like of programming, is resolve problems that are really annoying.

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